I have been collecting and reading mysteries for 25 years and have been selling them by mail order for 12 years. When I started selling secrets, I was concerned about getting the right price for books, so I began perusing the various catalogs I had received over the years to analyze what other dealers were getting for these books. I started cataloging them, and I soon had a sizable list of prices. This list was indispensable to me in pricing books, and I then realized it would be the same for other dealers and collectors. So four years ago I brought out my first Comprehensive Price List for Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Detective and Horror Fiction. It was an immediate success. However, because of the nature of the beast, a price list will eventually become outdated, I have to issue a new guide each year. So, I have to continually update my prices from the various dealer catalogs I receive and from the dealer ads in AB Bookman Weekly and on the internet. It is an ongoing labor of love. I estimate that I put in 2000 hours this year updating the Price List. It is now available to the astute collector or dealer who knows what a crapshoot pricing a book generally can be.

Please feel to contact me about the range of prices for any mystery book. Hopefully, I have it in my files. Also, if you already have my price guide, I am always open to suggestions how to improve it or add to it. Also, if you are a dealer and issue catalogs in mystery or general fiction, I would appreciate it if you would add me to your mailing list.