Reading the Fault in Our Stars eBook

The Fault In Our Stars is a novel by author John Green that was published in January 2012. It has been adapted into a feature film starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort that came out on June 6, 2014. The story is about and voiced by Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is sixteen and going through cancer. Her parents make her attend a support group for those who are suffering from cancer, which is where she meets Augustus Waters. The title “The Fault In Our Stars” was inspired by Shakespeare, from a line delivered to Brutus by Cassius in Julius Caesar.

Augustus is seventeen and an amputee who lost his leg to osteosarcoma and is at the meeting to support his friend Isaac, who also has cancer. Hazel and Augustus meet and immediately hit it off. Augustus invites Hazel over where they watch a movie and talk. Before Hazel leaves, they agree they will each read the other’s favorite novel. Hazel receives “The Price of Dawn” from Augustus, and Augustus receives “An Imperial Affliction,” written by Peter Van Houten, about a girl with cancer. Augustus is frustrated at the book’s ending, that doesn’t have a conclusion. He finds Van Houten’s assistant and begins corresponding with the author. Hazel writes to the author about the end and what happens, but Van Houten says he must answer her questions in person.

Hazel wants to see the author, but her mother says she can’t, due to money and medical issues. Augustus later surprises her with tickets. All along, Hazel has been falling slowly in love with Augustus. She looks up his ex-girlfriend and finds she died from brain cancer. The discovery prompts Hazel to compare herself to a grenade, and fear to hurt Augustus and everyone else in her life when she eventually dies. Despite this, Hazel and Augustus grow closer, and Hazel gets permission to go to Amsterdam. Hazel’s love for Augustus increases, as does his, and in the end, they must face the void together. The Fault In Our Stars has been popular in print as well as digital formats such as ebooks and PDFs. Check out The Fault In Our Stars by John Green free audio book and discover this touching story for the first time or all over again.

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Listening to the Classic Horror Story – Frankenstein Audiobook

Perhaps nobody would have known who is Frankenstein if there would be so many films, based on the story of the novel, to make him the famous hideous monster. Therefore, the book was almost forgotten while his hero became famous. Now we have a new way of experiencing this fantastic story: the Frankenstein by Mary Shelly audiobook free.

The book was written in 1818 by Mary Shelley who was at that time only 19 years old. Maturity in thinking that shows in this first book of his is as surprising as the modern issue that calls into question. If we now know for sure that it is not biologically possible to give life to a being created from pieces of dead bodies on the time when science was still little-explored realm, something may seem reasonable to lie confidently in the power of science. And if it did not permit limited knowledge even dream of human cloning, the idea in question is still the same. Do we, as a people, the right to play a role of God and create another human being? Are we able to assume the immense responsibility of such powers? That is why today there is bioethics. But in the early nineteenth century, there were only keen minds like that of Shelley and horror stories with a moral substrate.

Frankenstein audiobook represents the best way of experiencing the story as it can be listened in just about any environment and even while focusing on other things/actions.